Month of gratitude: days twelve – twenty

The fact that Max enjoys playing soccer. He’s committed, never says he doesn’t want to go to practice and has an all around good time.

He’s also lucky to have a coach who is willing to volunteer his time for months at a time, 3 days a week to make these boys better players, and enjoy the sport. Thanks Naveed!

Max’s school. The school is new, and didn’t exist when we bought our home here back in 2005, and I feel lucky each day he goes to such an amazing school. Eagle not only teaches him at an exceptional level academically, but also emphasizes character, and even finds time to make sure he gets PE or music, every day. It also doesn’t hurt that it sits at the base of South Mountain, and I find myself appreciating the view every morning.

Costco. Seriously, what would I do if I couldn’t do the bulk of my shopping at Costco?? I just spent my yearly reward on Saturday….so fun!

Lux Coffee on Central. One of our favorite places to go. Absolutely perfect coffee. I buy almost all my coffee beans there too as they roast in-house. If you live in the Phoenix area, it’s a must.

My neighbors. We don’t get together nearly enough (but will soon….see you Saturday Lindsay)! However, having such a wonderful family next door, especially as Max grows up is something to be so grateful for.

Living where we do. It’s a relatively small community, that was actually slated to grow more (except the housing market tanked). So although it’s not the city we thought it would be, we have met some wonderful families, we run into people all the time around town, and we see the South Mountains every where we go. It’s a lovely blend of rural and urban, with Phoenix being in view in the distance.

The town of Telluride. Simply one of my favorite places on earth, and I’m so glad I discovered it.

Clementines. We eat them non-stop this time of year. I love them.


7 days of fall baking: day five

Maple wheat scones.

I made these last Thursday night.

These were pretty good. Especially warm with the world’s best jelly. (If you don’t already buy Costco’s organic strawberry jelly, you are missing the jelly boat.) These would not be too tasty without the warmth or the jelly I don’t think. Then again, why would anyone want a cold wheat scone, without jelly. That wouldn’t be proper scone eating.

If you make them, I suggest you up the maple syrup a bit and cut the whole wheat pastry flour with half all-purpose flour.

Next time I make scones, I’ll try Heidi’s other scone recipe. It looks quite tasty as well.

Month of Gratitude: days two and three

Coffee and Bagels

Coffee: Basically I don’t know how people who don’t drink it do it. I love it. I have loved the smell long before I loved the taste. The smell of brewing coffee always reminded me of my Grandma and Papa and Aunt Gretchen as there was ALWAYS a pot on at their house. When I first moved out on my own, I didn’t really drink coffee, but would often brew it to smell it and feel the comfort. I go to bed thinking about my morning coffee. Drug you say? Fine by me. 😉

Bagels: I don’t eat them that often, but this is the season of delicious flavors. Pumpkin at Einsteins. (I also really love the Pumpkin Cream Cheese from Trader Joes.) I actually brought Panera bagels on the plane home with me last night since there is no Panera in AZ. They didn’t have their Gingerbread ones yet (November 15th, fyi) so I got Cherry Vanilla and Cinnamon Crunch. Delicious!


Earth, Wind or Fire by julesdu
Earth, Wind or Fire, a photo by julesdu on Flickr.

I have a serious love for salads. I can safely say that salads are on the top of my favorite foods list. I usually take spinach or lettuce and then just throw in whatever I have. Not a whole lot of thought to it. That approach makes the best salads! I used to think salads I made myself never tasted as good as ones other people made…..not any more. My current dressing of choice is mixing walnut oil, balsamic vinegar and some sort of citrus juice. Dee-lish!

Via Flickr:
Earthy salad I made for lunch today.