Portrait Bloopers

Portrait Bloopers a video by julesdu on Flickr.

I was trying to get a nice “portrait” style pic of Max. I wasn’t very focused, and Max wasn’t feeling it either. In the end, I got a nice picture I really like.



Framed by julesdu
Framed, a photo by julesdu on Flickr.

I’m not doing as well as I’d hoped on my picture a day project. I never expected I’d do it every day, but was hoping I’d be farther along than this so far. We have been busy busy busy as usual, including today was Max’s first day of first grade. I decided even if I can’t do or post the assignment THAT day, I still keep the assignment in mind and try to get it accomplished. I do like that it makes me take pictures of random things I wouldn’t otherwise. I bet one day I’ll love seeing everything that was on my kitchen hutch on this day in 2011.

In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen by julesdu
In the Kitchen, a photo by julesdu on Flickr.

I’m taking (almost a) Photo a Day for:

It’s led by an old friend from high school and it’s a really fun challenge.

I find it makes me finally take the time to focus on the features of my camera and lenses. I think it will continue to do so and grow my photography skills.

There is SO much to learn, and every little bit helps.

It’s one of those things on my list of things I wish I would make more time for, and this encourages me to make the time since it’s a group.

Wish me luck!