Portrait Bloopers

Portrait Bloopers a video by julesdu on Flickr.

I was trying to get a nice “portrait” style pic of Max. I wasn’t very focused, and Max wasn’t feeling it either. In the end, I got a nice picture I really like.



Mirror by julesdu
Mirror, a photo by julesdu on Flickr.

Getting ready for bed most nights can be a battle. Max is cursed with the night owl gene Chris and I have. 😉

Max once told me he would “prefer to stay up all night and then sleep all day”. Poor thing. He’ll need to grow up and be a work from home entrepreneur, make your own schedule, non-conformist kind of dude (so he can do that, otherwise he’ll suffer with dragging his tired butt out of bed every day like us).

I am trying harder to not rush him all the time. Giving more time for everything so we can just “do” and “be” instead of “hurry up!” It’s not easy, but I am constantly reminded of how quickly his childhood and life in general fly on by, and I want to appreciate each moment I have, helping him brush his teeth. I know soon enough, he won’t need my help.

Night Night! (I’ll promise to watch only one episode of Mad Men on Netflix tonight, and get to bed by 11:30!)

1st day of 1st grade

1st day of 1st grade by julesdu
1st day of 1st grade, a photo by julesdu on Flickr.

I was looking at Max’s legs tonight as we sat on the couch talking. As usual, they looked like they had grown a mile. It reminded me of this picture from the first day of school. He looks so old to me here. I try to remember how soon it will be that I will look back at this picture and think he looks so little. Max is smart, witty, stubborn, compassionate,, talkative (too talkative at school) and he wears me out! He is, an all around wonderful kid. Tomorrow marks the completion of his second week of first grade. I hope he doesn’t grow too much tonight.

In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen by julesdu
In the Kitchen, a photo by julesdu on Flickr.

I’m taking (almost a) Photo a Day for:

It’s led by an old friend from high school and it’s a really fun challenge.

I find it makes me finally take the time to focus on the features of my camera and lenses. I think it will continue to do so and grow my photography skills.

There is SO much to learn, and every little bit helps.

It’s one of those things on my list of things I wish I would make more time for, and this encourages me to make the time since it’s a group.

Wish me luck!



Max lost another tooth tonight. That’s four total. He says it’s both weird and exciting. He kept looking at his mouth in the mirror, laughing, saying, “I look RIDICULOUS!!”. He said with a giggle as I was putting him to bed “Wouldn’t it be weird if the Tooth Fairy brought me a gift card? Like a Target gift card….like 20 bucks?!??!”

He also told me I’m the most “phenomenal” mom because I am a good cook and I put love in the food. He said, “like when you cut a tomato, you put LOVE in it before you give it to me and it makes it taste even better”.

Oh Max, you are too much!

Max stayed up a bit late tonight:

Sesame Street, Sesame Street: Havin' Fun With Ernie & Bert

We were listening to some of my records from my childhood. I realize how much I must have listened to them….I mean I knew they were special to me, but the minute I start to hear some of the sounds and voices, I am taken right back.

We listened to The Three Little Pigs tonight. Max sat on the couch next to me fascinated (and a bit scared too)! I loved that we sat there in our quiet little house, Max using his imagination to visualize the story in his head. A story I’m sure I’ve heard a hundred times, but not for what feels like a hundred years.

I wanted to play “Tiger Hunt” for him, on Having Fun with Ernie and Bert. I used to play along to that little story in my room. Alone or with a friend. I went to take the album out, and it wasn’t there. It’s gone. 😦

I googled it. It’s downloadable. Itunes is “releasing” it February 11, 2011. Maybe we’ll get to go on the Tiger Hunt after all.