Christmas trees, plural

It's becoming a ritual that a few weeks after putting up our "fake" tree…. (never, ever thought I would have one, until my first Christmas in Arizona!) ….we go to Flagstaff for the day for some Christmas fun and on the way home get a smaller real tree for the den. I love the new tradition as it now allows me to put my fake tree up right after Thanksgiving, (I always thought it was funny that my Nana did that) and then get a real tree closer to Christmas. I love that it is creating a new family tradition, smells wonderful and allows me one more way to go Christmas crazy. πŸ™‚



Christmas is in 2 weeks and 4 days!! What?!?

We had a nice day out and about today. Max spent the day with Grammy and Grampy….while we went out and Christmas shopped for Max. This is the first year we couldn't just sneak things into the cart.

Max is sooo into Christmas this year. The night we were getting the tree ready to decorate, he could not even begin to handle the waiting. He was so into it.

Great memories being made this year.

We made a count down to Christmas garland:

We had a nice Thanksgiving:

Happy Holidays!! 

We are home from our camping trip to Telluride, Colorado

I had to work in Telluride a couple of years ago for a few days, and fell in LOVE with the it. I have wanted to go back for a visit ever since. We took a camping trip and had the most amazing time. The weather was gorgeous, albeit a little chilly at night! I am already missing it.

Max hiked and played non-stop. His favorite part was riding the gondola of course….just like in Mammoth. Buddy had the best time too! Altough, he was always on guard, so he is the most tired out of all of us now I think!

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