Month of gratitude: days twenty one – thirty

Post orginally written December 26, 2011:

I still had lots of things in mind that I was grateful for. I even had my final post started…..then the holidays came. πŸ™‚

Christmas time: The most wonderful time of the year. I love the memories of holidays past, from childhood memories, to Chris and I and our first few Christmases, and all of Max’s 8 Christmases. I love the sights of decorations everywhere, the smells, including real trees, peppermint and baking.

I have so many wonderful memories here. As child, teenager/young adult, taking Katelyn as her nanny, bringing Chris, bringing Max, with my parents as all adults. Disney is simply magic to me. I’m so excited to go in a couple of weeks!!

My step-dad’s parents made this a regular vacation spot, and 4 years ago, it became a regular spot for us. We’ve been 3 times, stay on the beach for at least a week, and walk into town daily. It’s a marvelous vacation spot.

Amazing friends, both old and new:
Reminds me of my girl scout song from when I was a kid:
“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.”

Thank goodness I grew up with a love of it, and now have a family who loves it to. Some of my very best memories, are in the wilderness of some sort- camping.

Since Costo was on my list, Target needs to be as well. Max asked me the other day what I liked better- Target or Costco? I did have to answer Costco, seeing as I do more shopping there. Target comes in second for sure though. πŸ™‚

My pets- Lucy the cat, and Buddy the dog:
Sometimes, it’s love-hate, but ultimately, I love them to bits.

Just the man for me. Sure, we have our disagreements and daily life sometimes gets in the way of romance, but we are one old married couple (in a good way) that depends on one another and trusts each other fully. Plus, he hangs up Christmas lights in our room and puts them on a timer- because he knows I love it.

How did I get so lucky to have such a great kid?! He is incredibly smart, adorable, so kind and loving. It is no easy feat being a parent, as any parent already knows, but he is my everything.

My family:
I have a wonderful, down to earth, family, which includes great inlaws and step family. I am lucky.


Month of gratitude: days twelve – twenty

The fact that Max enjoys playing soccer. He’s committed, never says he doesn’t want to go to practice and has an all around good time.

He’s also lucky to have a coach who is willing to volunteer his time for months at a time, 3 days a week to make these boys better players, and enjoy the sport. Thanks Naveed!

Max’s school. The school is new, and didn’t exist when we bought our home here back in 2005, and I feel lucky each day he goes to such an amazing school. Eagle not only teaches him at an exceptional level academically, but also emphasizes character, and even finds time to make sure he gets PE or music, every day. It also doesn’t hurt that it sits at the base of South Mountain, and I find myself appreciating the view every morning.

Costco. Seriously, what would I do if I couldn’t do the bulk of my shopping at Costco?? I just spent my yearly reward on Saturday….so fun!

Lux Coffee on Central. One of our favorite places to go. Absolutely perfect coffee. I buy almost all my coffee beans there too as they roast in-house. If you live in the Phoenix area, it’s a must.

My neighbors. We don’t get together nearly enough (but will soon….see you Saturday Lindsay)! However, having such a wonderful family next door, especially as Max grows up is something to be so grateful for.

Living where we do. It’s a relatively small community, that was actually slated to grow more (except the housing market tanked). So although it’s not the city we thought it would be, we have met some wonderful families, we run into people all the time around town, and we see the South Mountains every where we go. It’s a lovely blend of rural and urban, with Phoenix being in view in the distance.

The town of Telluride. Simply one of my favorite places on earth, and I’m so glad I discovered it.

Clementines. We eat them non-stop this time of year. I love them.

7 days of fall baking: day five

Maple wheat scones.

I made these last Thursday night.

These were pretty good. Especially warm with the world’s best jelly. (If you don’t already buy Costco’s organic strawberry jelly, you are missing the jelly boat.) These would not be too tasty without the warmth or the jelly I don’t think. Then again, why would anyone want a cold wheat scone, without jelly. That wouldn’t be proper scone eating.

If you make them, I suggest you up the maple syrup a bit and cut the whole wheat pastry flour with half all-purpose flour.

Next time I make scones, I’ll try Heidi’s other scone recipe. It looks quite tasty as well.

Costco in August

Costco in August by julesdu
Costco in August, a photo by julesdu on Flickr.

114 degrees in Phoenix today. I know it’s August, so I’m not sure why I think it shouldn’t be so hot, but I’m ready for fall.

Fall is different living in the desert….not much in the way of fall leaves, only slightly cooler temps, the sun light shines differently and you don’t have to run your air day and night. Hard to imagine we will actually be able to open doors and windows in the coming months.

As always, I’m trying not to wish time away, but I will gladly welcome fall anytime, just not Christmas yet.

4th Birthday Party and VACATION!!!

 Max's much anticipated 4th birthday party was yesterday. This was a really big deal as it was his first "kid" party where he invited his friends. We had a great time at one of his favorite places–the train park. He was on cloud nine all day and I was really worried he would be so let down once it was over. However, he is having such a great time playing with all his  new toys, hanging out at home and eating left over cake!

Unbelievable to think that 4 years ago today, I spent the day (and night!) in labor awaiting Max's arrival. In some ways it feels  like 4 years and in other ways I wonder where the time has gone. Tomorrow, at 6:05am, my baby Max will be 4 years old. That made me teary to type that.

We are off this week for vacation. We are taking a "the economy is bad" vacation and really quite enjoying just hanging around. The plan is to tackle many of those odd projects that haunt our to do list, but never get done. Haven't really started yet though as today was spent at the mall!! Tomorrow we will just be around the house, getting things done and celebrating Max's 4th birthday with more presents and MORE leftover cake. It was Costco cake after all. πŸ˜‰