7 days of Fall baking: day two

Day Two: Christmas Morning Muffins

Sunday’s baking was a bit of a bust. It sounded delicious, and was, just out of the oven, but I think I over-cooked these muffins and they are a bit dry. Nothing a trip to the microwave and a smattering of butter won’t fix though. Max loved them and thought I put one in his lunch today, and was disappointed when he saw that I didn’t.

Next time, I’ll watch them more closely. They did not need the full 20 minutes. I would also add even more clementine (we call them clemmies) zest. Can’t get enough citrus zest!

I was actually looking for a recipe that used whole cranberries, but then stumbled across this one, and I had exactly this much dried cranberries left, and they looked so amazing. I found this version converting the metric measurements.


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