Max stayed up a bit late tonight:

Sesame Street, Sesame Street: Havin' Fun With Ernie & Bert

We were listening to some of my records from my childhood. I realize how much I must have listened to them….I mean I knew they were special to me, but the minute I start to hear some of the sounds and voices, I am taken right back.

We listened to The Three Little Pigs tonight. Max sat on the couch next to me fascinated (and a bit scared too)! I loved that we sat there in our quiet little house, Max using his imagination to visualize the story in his head. A story I’m sure I’ve heard a hundred times, but not for what feels like a hundred years.

I wanted to play “Tiger Hunt” for him, on Having Fun with Ernie and Bert. I used to play along to that little story in my room. Alone or with a friend. I went to take the album out, and it wasn’t there. It’s gone. 😦

I googled it. It’s downloadable. Itunes is “releasing” it February 11, 2011. Maybe we’ll get to go on the Tiger Hunt after all.