Fashion Girl!

I was hugging Max goodnight…. he said, "Mom, can you do something special? Tell Dad I love him."

I said, "I sure will; I love you too; sleep good!" Max said giggling "You too FASHION GIRL!!"

"Fashion Girl?" I said. "Why Fashion Girl?"

Laughing, Max screeched out "Because you look FASHION in your underpants!!!!"

I am so tired today from not sleeping last night I walked around the house with my pants half unzipped because I was too lazy tired to actually take them off. I finally did, but haven't managed to find pajamas….only underwear. Today was my first day back to work, and last night I could NOT sleep! I tossed and turned for hours! I think my brain was rebelling and trying to stay in vacation mode.

Guess I should go find some pajama bottoms. Isn't this a nice story for the internet???? 

p.s. I popped my head in Max's room and asked him what Fashion meant. He said it's means you are really funky, and when you are funky, you are cool. Just so you know.

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