10 years of wedded bliss.

September 11, 1999

Bow, Washington

Wedding 1



Max had a little "all about me" to fill out tonight for his class.

Here are the q & a's…..(figured it would be good to jot them down to remember!)

My favorite color is: BLACK (it's been this for sometime….he says it because it's all the colors combined.)

My favorite food is: CHEESE (he quickly added) AND CHOCOLATE!

My favorite restaurant is:DEL TACO

My favorite toy is: SHARK BITE

What makes me happy: MOM (he pointed at me) 🙂

My favorite animal: DOGS (and then he added "cats too cause they eat scorpions for me; and leather-back turtles.) This comes from the fact that we have been talking about scorpions lately because I told him he couldn't take toys out of the deck box at night when he couldn't really see….he of course asked why, and I'm thinking I shouldn't have told him! I reassured him that's why we pay the bug man every month, to keep the scorpions out of the house. I added that our cats are on the look out for scorpions and can get them without getting hurt. He LLLLOOOOOOVED that and added, "just like leather-back turtles can get jelly fish without getting stung one bit! I am going to dream of cats and leather-back turtles tonight!"