What to do on a date.

Max's school is having a parents night out. (They watch the kids after hours so the parents can go out.)

Chris and were talking about what we were going to do. We thought about going to a movie, but the movie theatre has a kids area anyway, so we wanted to think of something else. We were laughing and teasing, saying, "what did we used to do on dates?! What should we do?!"

I asked Max for his ideas for our date. He said:

"Wellllllll, there's kissing."

"Or, if there is a computer there, you could work."


Dinner conversation with Max tonight:

"Mom, I want to tell you what I want to get you for your birthday."

"I don't want to know; it should be a surprise."

"But I really want to tell you. It something that sounds like neck, neck, neck"


"Hmmm, I don't know."

"A necklace!! AND!! Something else that goes on your neck!"

"Really?! What, a scarf?"

"No, a diamond, a glow in the dark diamond!! And I know where to get them….. The glow in the dark diamond aisle!! And they have them in any color you want."

The kid lives for things like mazes and dot to dots!


Tonight, I made rice krispy treats. Max still calls them "ice krispy treats". I love the words he still doesn't say right. I know it won't last much longer.

Like when he was 2 maybe, and it was Sharlie and the Shocckkk-o-lot Fac-ah-tor-y. I was finally just about to video him saying it, and he said it right.

Back to the "ice krispy treats." Max had already had one, and later he walks by me holding up a big hunk of another one. He told me he got it himself. I went in the kitchen and sure enough, saran wrap pulled back, bright orange plastic ikea knife is out and a very large section of the treats is gone. I had to giggle to myself. Mr. independent.

Max has a good portion of green eggs and ham memorized. It was more like he was reading it tonight, and Chris was following along. Very cute!