I took Max to the Doctor’s after work today to see if the Doctor thought he should be using something else besides his Albuterol Nebulizer as his cough was getting worse. (He did, he added Pulmocort.)

Anyways, it was a long evening….a lot of waiting between being probably the last patient of the day and then the wait at the pharmacy.

On the drive home, it was quiet for a minute. It’s not usually quiet unless Max has fallen asleep. He always has a million things to say or ask. He was deep in thought. All of the sudden he announces:

“You start off as a kid, at the end you are dead…..and in the middle you are a parent.”

There you have it. 4 year olds. Full of interesting and uplifting facts.

(I corrected him to note that not *everyone* chooses to be a parent; so he would have his facts right.)  😉 That made him pretty happy to know that I “chose” to have him.



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