Maxisms and general comments to remember

“oh snap” while flicking his fingers (trying to snap). He says it at random times, and when asked, doesn’t know where he heard it.

“I want a brother” He commented on the drive home with Chris a few weeks ago about how when “I grow another baby” we’ll need to buy another car seat.

“dicker-decker” (double-decker)

“lib” (lid)

“drala-drala island” (total drama island)

“speed caneras” (cameras) He’s very concerned with other drivers breaking the law and driving too fast…..

“lemon speed” speed limit

cuts the “g” off a lot of words:

“ron” (wrong)

“fatch” (fetch)   “Fatch Buddy, Fatch!”

“chack” (check)  “I’m going to chack that one off my chore list”

He calls push pins, “needles”

Tonight the dishwasher was making a weird noise, and I said to myself, “what is that noise??!!” From the other room Max said, “Mom, that is my Bee-ew-ti-ful voice!”.



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