Pumpkin “Harving”

DSC01527 DSC01524

I think all 3 of them are smiling.DSC01532


Such a boy!

Conversation between Max and I while getting him ready for bed a couple of nights ago. You have to imagine a 4 year old trying to use a "tough guy voice" also curling his lip like he does when he thinks he is really something.

Max, what are your friends going to be for Halloween?

I don't know.

Oh, come on….how about Riley–what will she be?

(sassy voice)  A prin-siss. I hate prin-siss-es.

Well, Max, that's an awfully harsh thing to say.

Well, they are for girls and when they dance they only do girl twist-es. (while swirling hand around in air). I do TRIPLE-WHIPS! TRIPLE-WHIPS are NOT for girls!!