“you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…..”

As I was singing to Max last night, rubbing his back, hoping he would settle in to sleep….I was in the middle of you are my sunshine. I have sang (sang? sung?) that song to him since he was born. It's just a favorite from being a kid. Max says to me:

"that is for BABIES!!"


Not even four yet and sweet lullabies are for babies! *sniff*

I immediately clarified for him that was not correct, and he said:

"it's for Big Kids AND Babies?"

"yes Max"

"okay" as he rolled back over and went back to cooing.

And I felt a twinge of relief.

I suppose it doesn't help that when he's whining, I ask him if he needs to go back to the preppers classroom, or maybe the 2 year old room. He thinks that is so absurd and funny because he is the the THREES!! for goodness sake and it always gets him to stop whining. I guess when I encourage him to be a big boy, along with that comes the thought that lullabies may not be for big boys.

"Max, listen here, I will sing you you are my sunshine till the end of time–get used to it". 😉



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