pbs special

Some how tonight, I started watching this pbs special   http://www.pbs.org/pov/pov2008/criticalcondition/

Did you see it? It was all about the 47 million people in the US who don't have health care and the 80 million who are under insured. It was heart-wrenching. I already have a cold, so this tear jerker was NOT good timing!

I thought about years when I was younger I went without health insurance. I thought about the time after Chris was laid off work and we paid for our health insurance ourselves for a year. It was one of our largest bills at the time. We were newly married, and it was a strain, but at least we could. It makes me think of how I want Max to be aware of how important it is to maintain health insurance. And it reminded me there are only a few days left if you still need to register to vote.



4th Birthday Party and VACATION!!!

 Max's much anticipated 4th birthday party was yesterday. This was a really big deal as it was his first "kid" party where he invited his friends. We had a great time at one of his favorite places–the train park. He was on cloud nine all day and I was really worried he would be so let down once it was over. However, he is having such a great time playing with all his  new toys, hanging out at home and eating left over cake!

Unbelievable to think that 4 years ago today, I spent the day (and night!) in labor awaiting Max's arrival. In some ways it feels  like 4 years and in other ways I wonder where the time has gone. Tomorrow, at 6:05am, my baby Max will be 4 years old. That made me teary to type that.

We are off this week for vacation. We are taking a "the economy is bad" vacation and really quite enjoying just hanging around. The plan is to tackle many of those odd projects that haunt our to do list, but never get done. Haven't really started yet though as today was spent at the mall!! Tomorrow we will just be around the house, getting things done and celebrating Max's 4th birthday with more presents and MORE leftover cake. It was Costco cake after all. 😉



“you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…..”

As I was singing to Max last night, rubbing his back, hoping he would settle in to sleep….I was in the middle of you are my sunshine. I have sang (sang? sung?) that song to him since he was born. It's just a favorite from being a kid. Max says to me:

"that is for BABIES!!"


Not even four yet and sweet lullabies are for babies! *sniff*

I immediately clarified for him that was not correct, and he said:

"it's for Big Kids AND Babies?"

"yes Max"

"okay" as he rolled back over and went back to cooing.

And I felt a twinge of relief.

I suppose it doesn't help that when he's whining, I ask him if he needs to go back to the preppers classroom, or maybe the 2 year old room. He thinks that is so absurd and funny because he is the the THREES!! for goodness sake and it always gets him to stop whining. I guess when I encourage him to be a big boy, along with that comes the thought that lullabies may not be for big boys.

"Max, listen here, I will sing you you are my sunshine till the end of time–get used to it". 😉