Happy Mother’s Day!

This is a conversation Max and I had on Mother’s day as I was putting some clean laundry away in his room. Keep in mind, all the cartoons on Noggin that morning were about Mother’s day.

"Max, let’s go ahead and get you dressed."

"Why, where am I going?"

"Nowhere, remember Grammy, Grampy and Uncle Jarad are coming over."


"Because it’s Mother’s Day."

"You are posed to be in bed eating pancakes!"

(laughing) "Mother’s day doesn’t really go like that around here."

(upset) "YES IT DOES!"

(I think I might get pancakes in bed next year!!)

I hope you had a good Mother’s Day Weekend!

~jdImg_5018 Img_4981_2


Today would have been my aunt Gretchen’s birthday.

I think of her everyday and still can’t get past that she isn’t here.

Gretchen was the kind of aunt everyone needs. Unconditionally supportive, fun, completely giving of herself and her time. Lived for her family. We were only 13 years apart, so she was always like having a cool older sister. I will be thinking of her all day. I know it sounds corrny and trite, but I know she’s around us. It’s just one of those things you can’t explain, but you just know. Max will ask about her out of the blue and it really gets me. He loves her and man did she love him.

Happy Birthday "Auntie Gecken"