Urban Cowboy


So, yeah, it’s a guilty pleasure. I love that movie! My mom even got it for me on DVD. Yes, I own the soundtrack. I don’t even like Texas. I have to go 6 times a year for work and there is not a whole lot about the state I like.

I first saw the movie while on vacation with my grandparents in Mammoth Mountain, Ca. I can’t remember who brought me–I think maybe my Grandma and Aunt Gretchen. I remember after the movie there was talk maybe I was too young for the movie. Funny.

There are quite a few songs from the movie that were "top 40" when I was in elementary school. My mom had the album and my dad taped it for me speaker to speaker. Between songs at one point, he said "Julie, Daddy loves you." I was sooo mad! "Daddy, you ruined the tape" I said! Who would have know after he passed I would treasure that tape and those words. I listened to that tape until it was lost in the late 80’s. I’m pretty sure I was the only girl in high school in Southern California listening to a speaker to speaker taping of the Urban Cowboy soundtrack.



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