Viva Las Vegas

We had a great weekend visiting my Grandma in Las Vegas last weekend. I miss her so much and worry about how she is doing everyday.


Try not to laugh too hard at his hair-do that day. It just would not cooperate with brush. 😉

We got Max all excited he would see a volcano and pirates in Las Vegas. Well, driving down Las Vegas Blvd. we see that the volcano at the Mirage is being refurbished. We tried 2 different show times for the pirates at Treasure Island (now called "TI"; so dumb) but the show was canceled because of the wind.

We made it up to him by finding this train in Boulder City. 7 miles of pure heaven for Max. 🙂







Playing the Blues

Last night, I thought Max was just about asleep and then I hear a harmonica. The sound is slow, and not too loud. I realize that Max is laying in bed playing the harmonica. I can tell he is trying to play slow and quiet as hey, maybe I won’t hear it! I walk in his room and tell him it’s not play time anymore and he needs to go to sleep. He informs me he is playing good night songs, and he still has some more songs to play as he needs to play "all the good night songs". I didn’t have the ability to hold in my laughter so I walked out of his room quickly to the slow quiet sounds of the blues.


Urban Cowboy


So, yeah, it’s a guilty pleasure. I love that movie! My mom even got it for me on DVD. Yes, I own the soundtrack. I don’t even like Texas. I have to go 6 times a year for work and there is not a whole lot about the state I like.

I first saw the movie while on vacation with my grandparents in Mammoth Mountain, Ca. I can’t remember who brought me–I think maybe my Grandma and Aunt Gretchen. I remember after the movie there was talk maybe I was too young for the movie. Funny.

There are quite a few songs from the movie that were "top 40" when I was in elementary school. My mom had the album and my dad taped it for me speaker to speaker. Between songs at one point, he said "Julie, Daddy loves you." I was sooo mad! "Daddy, you ruined the tape" I said! Who would have know after he passed I would treasure that tape and those words. I listened to that tape until it was lost in the late 80’s. I’m pretty sure I was the only girl in high school in Southern California listening to a speaker to speaker taping of the Urban Cowboy soundtrack.